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What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart

Market leading access — Strong relationships with key decision makers ensures our research programs cover all of the meaningful activity in each of the markets we research.

Quality and flexibility of research outputs — Whether you want to look at the whole market, or a targeted subsection of each market, we tailor our outputs, analysis and insight to your specific business needs.

Competitive benchmarking — Our wide market coverage and quality data provide a clear lens into your competitive positioning in these highly contested markets.

Actionable Insights — Our deep market knowledge and highly experienced analyst team allows us to turn our robust data into actionable insights to help your business move forward.

PLAnalytics — Interactive dashboard that allows you to undertake customised analysis — and view graphical and tabular results instantaneously.


What We Do

Each year, we conduct more than 2,200 interviews — predominately face-to-face — with senior business executives across the wholesale financial markets and corporate real estate.

From these interviews, we deliver 20 annual syndicated research programs which provide our clients with a clear view on broader market trends — and their own competitive positioning across a wide range of measures covering penetration, share, marketing activity, capability and service.

We partner with clients to develop customised solutions to their research needs, tailoring our annual programs or developing bespoke studies.


Who We Are

Peter Lee Associates is led by Sandhya Chand and Cameron Peter. Both owners of the business have more than 30 years’ experience in the financial markets.

The company was formed by Peter Lee in the 1980s as the Financial Products Research Group.

In 1999 the company merged with Greenwich Associates, the US-based global industry leader. In 2004, Peter Lee Associates was formed to focus purely on the Australian and New Zealand markets.